Apple Ellaine emerged in 2020 with her single “Dreaming Of You”, and her world-wide audience rapidly expanded, with particular successes in Europe, the U.S., Canada, Southeast Asia.  She expanded her exposure through Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon, YouTube, Pandora, iHeart Radio, Deezer, Tik-Tok, and 25 other internet distribution platforms, achieving over 250K streams and downloads in only 6 months.

Her rapid success could be attributed to a long career performing in bands and various ensembles at venues throughout Singapore, Malaysia, and her home country of the Philippines.  Gathering years of experience at many Resort Hotels and Concert Venues, Apple learned what her audiences liked, and pursued a labor of love in giving it to them.

Working with veteran producer Jerry Merrill, whose credits include Gladys Knight, Burt Bacharach, Peter Frampton, Lamont Dozier and others, Apple quickly developed her lyric & melody-writing skills, co-authoring her anthem for women – “Beautiful”, her chill track “Aries Girl” and her dance single “Move Your Body.”

Merrill exposed Apple to other artists, songwriters, producers, and session players.  Through celebrated artist / producer Todd Smallwood, Apple sang backups on “No Borders 2020” – Todd’s collaboration with Carlos Santana.  Chip Westerfield, Apple’s Co-Producer, has decades of success in artist development and in working with veterans such as Wrecking Crew member Larry Knechtel, Warner Artist Idiot Pilot, as well as co-mixing the Jackson Five release ‘Come And Get It:The Rare Pearls’ with Motown giant Deke Richards.  Apple joined the BMI family of writers in 2020.

All the exposure pushed Apple’s writing to manifest a return to her love for her audience, communicating experiences that they share in a simple, deeply connecting way.  Her unique vocal style combining the best aspects of R&B with Rock and Pop presents her songs in a contemporary, accessible, and emotional context.

Apple’s support of other artists, instrumentalists, bands & vocalists is well-known amongst social circles.  She co-owns a live performance venue in the Philippines, and supports charities and other organizations from musicians networks to orphanages.